French garden series

Several have asked how to see my garden teaching series.
My garden episodes are on
Just go to the home page and type Jardin de Dieu into the search panel.
They will be good for your French!
You will at least get to see some great shots of my garden . . .

Tropical composting

Mr. Gardening Person answers with compost counseling (see question below):

Many shrubs, particularly the tropical kinds, are resistant to decomposition — they have to be tough enough to withstand the hot sun, bugs, etc.  Even with some of mine, I shred it before putting it into the compost bin.

If you want fast action, put the shrubbery somewhere else — like out into a field.



My mom puts a bunch of green shrubbery into the compost barrel where we put our vegetable and fruit scraps, and it doesn’t cook down so fast. In fact, I worry that it’s constipated.

What do you think?

I don’t know how to use those, we just found one in the yard one day. Friends put it there.

The one we have looks just like these: