Cynthia’s Mother is with the Lord

101 days after Cynthia left us, Carolyn Gay Malmstadt departed to be reunited with her husband, Howard, and her daughter Cynthia. While having dinner on Saturday evening with her son Jon, God called her home and she was released from her suffering here on earth.  I agree with Marie that they must have had an amazing reunion in Heaven, and we can be sure that Cynthia was insisting to the angels that she was going to organize the hospitality.

This event is actually an answer to prayer; ever since Howard’s passing in 2003, Carolyn talked of her longing to join him in Heaven.  We prayed increasingly, especially the past three years as her difficulties increased, that the Lord would take her quickly and painlessly.  Over three months ago she became too weak to talk much at all, and the past two weeks had difficulty in breathing.  But the Lord was faithful, and she went with no pain or protracted suffering, and did not have to spend a day in a hospital or nursing home.

Please do remember the family in prayer as this is another great loss; a beloved aunt of Cynthia’s passed away too, about the same time she did.  Pray especially for Cynthia’s brother  Jon who is alone in Michigan and has cared for his mom around the clock for many years.  Plans are in process for a memorial service and burial.

Thanks so much,


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