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My teachings, organized alphabetically by category.


History of Geneva

From the UofN Reference Guide 2005

  • Reference Guide

Transactional-Transformational leadership message Part I & II

This message has circulated widely in our University since I first gave it in 1999.


9 thoughts on “My Teachings

  1. Hi, you have been removed from Blip, is there any other way to listen to you teaching? would love to here it πŸ™‚

  2. Hello,
    I would love to cite you in my research paper for my non-ywam master degree about leadership. But my university would prefer citations only from published journals or books.
    Do you have any written publications in peer-reviewed journals or so??
    Many blessings

    • Hi Rebekka,
      Which phrases are you citing? Because all I have in print about leadership is in my Ph.D. dissertation, and it is quite acceptable to use those as sources.

      • i didn’t had specific phrases yet, but generally have transformational and transaction leadership as a theoretical framework for my research.

      • My dissertation cites Burns and transactional-transformational leadership on p. 17, and once again in the following pages.
        if you can’t find the dissertation on line, let me know and i think I can email you a copy.

      • Thanks, I have Burns and Bass. … i just thought it would be nice to have Burns, and Bass, and Bloomer. πŸ™‚ But thank you for your help!

    • yes, i watched some of it …and have heard you “live” in some gatherings. But again, citing from videos again is not so well received by my university. But still thank you for taking the time to answer my request. Blessings.

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