Tom Bloomer studied archeology at the University of Illinois (B.A. 1972), and worked as a French translator, ladies’ shoe salesman, and youth pastor before joining Youth With A Mission. After School of Evangelism in 1974 in Lausanne, Tom and his wife Cynthia joined YWAM’s French Ministries, led that work for several years, and then became base leaders at Lausanne.  In 1983 they responded to a call from Loren Cunningham and Howard Malmstadt to help develop the University of the Nations (UofN).  A Master’s degree in missiology from Wheaton (1987) and years of cross-cultural experience proved invaluable as Tom helped coordinate, refine, and improve the different courses developing through the UofN. Tom completed a Ph.D. in Theology of Education at Trinity International University in 1999 and served as the International Provost of the UofN from 2001-2018. He is now Provost Emeritus.

Teaching the Word is the primary thrust of Tom’s ministry; the challenge before him is to discover what it means to love God not just with our heart, soul and strength, but with our minds as well.

Cynthia passed away in April 2012 — See my personal journey.

Their son Philip lives in Portland, Oregon in the USA.

Tom’s hobbies include aerobic history, extreme gardening, and prophetic fifth-dimensional composting. His book, “Cinderella and her Sisters; Identity, Authority, and Inheritance“, was published in French in 2016 and in English in 2018. The English version is available on Amazon, in both paperback and Kindle versions in. The Norwegian version followed, and the Portuguese is also available in both formats.

University of the Nations

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  1. I understand extreme gardening and prophetic-fifth-dimensional composting. Aerobic history? I’m still pondering on that one…

  2. Hi Kevin,
    David Hamilton is working on the Sphereview Bible, it will be finished in the coming months we hope. Check the UofNKona website for the announcement in 2014.
    Our University of the Nations online journal just launched. Glocal Conversations is an academic peer-reviewed journal with a missions heart, linking the classroom with learners on the field in the task of making disciples of all nations. Here’s the link:

  3. You may not remember me, but I believe you know my parents, Tubby and Tricia Hillson. My husband is Stanley Swartz who was in one of the early SOE’s in Lausanne, around 1975 that you were leading. He remembers you well and with fondness.
    We were grieved to learn of the loss of the love of your life. It is painful to see pictures of you alone. Cynthia had such a delightful way about her I know she was loved by any who knew her. I have a particular burden for those who have lost loved ones and at different times of the year I spend time in focused prayer for them. I have prayed for you during these times. My father Tubby died when he was 54yo, such a great loss for me.
    Please know you are thought of and prayed for even after all these years. Bless you.
    Stan and Ann Swartz

  4. I am very interested in knowing when your book on wisdom will be released. Do you have a publisher yet? I certainly want a copy. While I am not in a foreign country doing mission work, I am seeing the USA becoming a large Mission Field. The three practices for Long Term Mission exert, certainly rings true in our churches today in the USA. Thanks for your time and devotion to your years in the Mission Field.

    • Hi Peg, thanks for writing. My first book will come out in French before September, Lord willing. In July I will work on a proposal for Christian American publishing houses. The working title: Cinderella and her Sisters: Identity, Authority, and Inheritance. Thanks for your prayers for these.

  5. Like your book Cinderella…very much! Thank you do much for sharing! We met at the LTS 1988 in Amsterdam. Johnny and Heidi

  6. Hi, Tom,
    maybe you don`t remember me- we met the 23rd April 2018 in YWAM Hurlach- I came for a talk concerning building educations systems in countries that are not easily approachable.
    I happen to visit a friend of mine in Bern next week, talking over the issues and possibilities – you encouraged me to contact you if I would go deeper in the planning .. So I do …

    • Hi Andrea,
      it’s good to hear from you. Unfortunately I am in the USA dealing with a family crisis, and don’t know when I’ll be back in Switzerland. May the Lord guide you,

      • Tom, I work with Darrow Miller at the DNA. We would like to use your paper on Calvin and Geneva as a part of a reader on a book Darrow is writing. Can you let me know if you’re amenable to this idea?

      • Yes, quite. No problem. My fee will be that you send me one copy of the book, signed by Darrow. OK?
        This material has already been published in 2 different books, I suppose that fact should be noted somewhere?

      • Tom, Thanks for responding to me so quickly. We refer people to your article all the time. I know Darrow would be happy to have an email address for you if you’d like to share it with him.

        I hope all is well with you and your family. I couldn’t help but notice that you are/were in the States to help with some family crisis.

        (Personally, I also love gardening so I enjoy reading your blog… Thanks)

        Shalom, shawn

  7. hello tom, Im alejandro Cruz from Argentina. we met at think tank last year.
    As im reading your word about this season of pruning in the word you sent to markus and Linn. I would like to know what do you mean with ” pruning to change the image”
    thank you!

    • Thank you. Very much.
      As i keep on thinking about this time and word i do wonder, what is your idea about influencing spheres of society?
      Do you remember any true model of ministry that can work out from our mission?
      I look forward to keep in touch.

      • Yes Alejandro, I love the model of the YWAM ministry in Oslo:
        No base as such, and DTS isn’t necessary either: the basic idea is that people find housing in a part of the city, ideally near a university, and you invite YWAMers, former YWAMers, friends of YWAM, other committed Christians, etc., to form their own little communities house by house and apartment by apartment. Worship and prayer organized by each household, a big celebration once or twice a month. People already working in the spheres mentor those still studying. Networking across spheres.
        I just got a long and detailed description of the Oslo strategy, send me your email address and I’ll forward it to you.

      • Tom,
        Thank you for the work you continue to do and the encouragement you offer! I would love to see the Oslo strategy as well. I work with Disciple Nations Alliance and would love to understand what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. Maybe we can share it with our networks around the world. Thanks so much, Tom.

  8. Hi Tom, this is Ben from YWAM Perth, I was really impacted by your teaching a few weeks ago on the Leadership and Pioneering Seminar, and wanted to have a continued dialogue with you and possibly pick your brains on current issues in the UofN/YWAM if you are available. I am also currently halfway through my online MA in Global Leadership with Fuller Theological Seminary, and enjoying my studies. You mentioned about your PhD paper on YWAM leaders during our class, would I be able to have a copy of it to read please? Also I am curious to know which college did you pursue your PhD with?

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